Rules & Guidelines

By participating in the dispute resolution process, you agree to abide by the following Rules & Guidelines. is an informal dispute resolution program. By participating in’s dispute resolution process, you agree to act in good faith, which includes taking reasonable steps to achieve a fair and expeditious resolution of the dispute.  You also agree to abide by the Neutral’s decision in the case of Independent Feedback Review (IFR).  IFR decisions are final and are not subject to negotiation or appeal.  In IFR, the Neutral has authority only to determine whether the feedback left following an eBay transaction meets eBay’s guidelines for rating withdrawal.  IFR does not include the authority to require any party to take additional action, including remedying a concern or compensating another party. insists users post comments that offer significant information concerning the item transaction, feedback, and settlement requests or offers. does not condone the use of obscene or offensive language, threats, or accusations. encourages users to utilize the Forum to the best of their ability by submitting details of the dispute and evidence as to why the feedback does or does not meet the criteria for removal. takes reasonable measures to authenticate and confirm the identities of the parties participating in this dispute resolution process. By participating in this process, you affirm that you are a party to the dispute or an agent authorized to act on behalf of a party to the dispute.  Evidence that the dispute resolution process was managed by someone not authorized to act on behalf of a party may result in the IFR decision becoming void.

Dispute Resolution processes are generally considered to be a confidential means to settle disagreements.  As such, information contained in the comments posted by either party is not intended to be copied or distributed. insists that you observe discretion in matters related to the details and specifics of a claim. takes reasonable measures to ensure the privacy of the dispute and the participants. agrees to treat all information received in the course of its review activities as confidential with respect to persons or entities. further agrees that such confidential information may not be used for any purpose by except to fulfill its dispute resolution obligations.  For more information, please see our privacy statement.

In consideration of the services provided by, you agree to hold harmless NetNeutrals and any of its directors, officers, agents, servants, employees, independent contractors, assignees, permittees, designees, or shareholders from and against any and all claims, causes of action, liabilities, costs and/or expenses of any kind arising from or in connection with the third party alternative dispute resolution program currently known as NetNeutrals.